Welcome to The Kingdom of Lunitari…

For centuries, humans, dwarves, elves, and halflings lived in peace and worship of the Divine Siblings – Paladine the Valiant Warrior, Gilean the Grey Voyager, and Takhisis the Queen of Many Colours and None.

But then highly advanced tech was discovered, or rather appeared out of thin air. It was some sort of armoured suit, seemingly designed for halflings. The allied races, except elves, took this as a sign from the divine that Gilean, the God of Knowledge, was the one true god – and that halflings were to serve as his mortal messengers.

And thus began The Age of Enlightenment with Emperor Colos seating the throne – the first halfling to rule Lunitari.

A holy alliance of halflings, dwarves, and humans make up the majority of the population and form the dominant society of the world and rule from the capital city of Lunitari.

And then there are the elves, who peacefully resist the powers that be – removing themselves from society and resettling in the outskirts of society.

Gilean Rises